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I am more of a classic dresser than trend setter. Love my curves but nightmare finding clothes that don’t look slutty. Believer of the 80/20 rule.... 80% high street, 20% designer! The 20% tend to be accessory based. Looking forward to the day I can reverse the rule to 20/80 ;-) Founder / MD of The Borrowers Club, an online designer handbag rental service. Idea came from friends wanting to borrow my designer handbags so created a business to hire out deisgner bags. Hope to expand to other items for rent too in the near future! WWW.THEBORROWERSCLUB.COM Twitter: @DEB_8Y

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  1. outfit
    Votes 16

    Hungover, Work

    London, United Kingdom

  2. outfit
    Votes 24

    Hungry, Restaurant

    London, United Kingdom

  3. outfit
    Votes 23

    Arse Kickingly Awesome, Work

    London, United Kingdom

  4. outfit
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    Meh, Work

    London, United Kingdom

  5. outfit
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    Amaaaaazing, Beach

    Sandbanks, United Kingdom

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  1. 01 Zara
  2. 02 ASOS
  3. 03 Topshop
  4. 04 River Island
  5. 05 New Look

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