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I'm an 80's boy really. And I really loved fashion back then firstly being a Mod and then A new romantic. Then went through a phase of having my hair permed and wearing dodgy earings and wearing black all the time. Then worked in the city for 15 years and so mainy wore suits. Escaped to Pembroke 7 years ago. Have now gone back to mainly wearing black. I'm spending half my time in the gym now training for the Manchester Marathon.

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  1. outfit
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    Relaxed, Staying In

    Pembroke, United Kingdom

  2. outfit
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    Chilled, Work

    Pembroke, United Kingdom

  3. outfit
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    Anxious, With family

    Pembroke, United Kingdom

  4. outfit
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    Arse Kickingly Awesome, Work

    Pembroke, United Kingdom

  5. outfit
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    Relaxed, Work

    Pembroke, United Kingdom

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  1. 01 Debenhams
  2. 02 Burton
  3. 03 Next
  4. 04 Nike
  5. 05 F&F

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