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I'm Lucy, I'm 18. I NEED to learn to dress for my figure. I love comfy clothes; jeans and big jumpers, but the things I choose make me look much bigger than I am... It's time to branch out! Risk it, wear more girly and fitting clothes, flaunt the curves and waist I have and stop hiding them. I'm praying this will help.

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    Amaaaaazing, Running errands

    Nottingham, United Kingdom

  2. outfit
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    Amaaaaazing, Shopping

    Nottingham, United Kingdom

  3. outfit
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    Sleepy, Work

    Nottingham, United Kingdom

  4. outfit
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    Grateful, Shopping

    Nottingham, United Kingdom

  5. outfit
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    Arse Kickingly Awesome, Party

    Oxford, United Kingdom

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  2. 02 H&M
  3. 03 Zara
  4. 04 River Island
  5. 05 Topshop

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