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I had a pretty chillaxed day today. I slept in, read, did some biology revision, wrote a blog post and added some shows to my "favourite shows" list on 4oD.
I popped to New Look for like twenty minutes when my mum was checking out a sink for our new kitchen. I tried on a really nice pastel yellow broderie anglais type top (very Louis Vuitton) and I love it. I haven't been on a proper shopping trip since January and even that was with my grandma so I have quite a lot of money and I'm craving some serious retail therapy. I'm not sure what to wear the pale yellow top with though. I had a few ideas; mint jeans, mint and white striped shorts, pastel pink palm tree print shorts or mint shorts.
When we got back I printed off my Vogue Talent Contest entries and walked round to the post box to post them. I felt really excited about it and crossed my fingers and hugged the envelope before it went in. I doubt very much that I'll be short listed but I've got ten years until I'll be too old to enter so plenty more chances. You've got to be in it to win it.
I went to my nanny's house for dinner with my mum, dad, brother and a cousin whom we rarely see. We ate so much dessert! My nanny brought out 3 courses of dessert separately!
I was a bit annoyed that I missed Pretty Little Liars but I'm going to get up early and watch it tomorrow morning. I have a maths tutor coming at 10.30 tomorrow and I want to watch it before then.

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